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Mr. Bob

Once a week, the Cottage is visited for approximately one hour by Mr. Bob, our music teacher. Mr. Bob uses a keyboard during his lesson and is accompanied by the children who join in with their choice of child-size instruments available at the Cottage.

Not only do the children learn the words to many happy songs but also learn timing while using rhythm sticks. They love dancing and acting out the lyrics to the songs.


Miss Miz

Miss Miz is our visiting story reader. She comes once a week to read to the children. Miss Miz was a school secretary for 30 years at our local elementary school.

The children always look forward to having Miss Miz come to our school and they wonder what wonderful story book she have with her when she visits!


Miss Lil

Our substitute teacher is Miss Lil. If I am sick or unable to attend class, Miss Lil is there to manage the classroom in my absence.

Ihave worked with Miss Lil at two different schools and have found her to be extremely nurturing to the children in her care.



* All three of our special visitors have been finger-printed, as have I, and are all cleared with the Office For Children.


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