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"I highly recommend Miss Leigh's Cottage daycare services. My daughter has been a student of Miss Leigh for two years, during which time I witnessed tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in learning but in character as well."

"Ms. Leigh Mockel is very professional, caring and dependable."

R. H., MD
Garfield, NJ

"Leigh Mockel is an outstanding teacher and loving caregiver to all of the children in her charge. Every child in her care is wonderfully prepared for grade school, socialization and a lifetime of learning."

Fair Lawn, NJ

"I would highly recommend Miss Leigh's Cottage daycare center."

"Our son spent a year here before going to kindergarten. When he started, he didn't speak any English. We were looking for a private facility with small groups and personal attention so he could learn English in the least stressful way and get ready for school and we were not disappointed."

"He got a solid foundation for kindergarten and he was always happy to come to Miss Leigh."

I. & M.P.
River Edge, NJ

"When I was returning to work after two years at home with my son, I was very apprehensive as to where I would send him. . . . None (of the daycare centers) seemed right; none seemed like they would care for my son as I would, until I visited Miss Leigh's Cottage. . . . Leigh earned my trust."

"When I leave my son with Miss Leigh, it's not like leaving him at daycare, preschool or a baby-sitter. It's like leaving him with family. Without reservation, I recommend Miss Leigh's Cottage to anyone looking for quality childcare."

Fair Lawn, NJ

"I've seen my daughter blossom into a confident, empathetic, active and creative child which I can directly attribute to Miss Leigh's teaching, support and genuine concern for my daughter's well-being and education."

"I would highly recommend Miss Leigh's Cottage to anyone."

Fair Lawn, NJ

"(My son) has excelled with Miss Leigh from academics, writing, coloring, reading, music appreciation, as well as his confidence and character. (My son) is more than ready for his next step, kindergarten, as was told to me during his kindergarten interview."

"Miss Leigh is a kind, compassionate, nurturing teacher that any child, as well as any parent, is fortunate to experience."


"Our daughter has had many teachers over the years . . . , but the most memorable is Miss Leigh."

"Her creativity, easygoing manner and genuine concern and interest are all assets that combine to make her an excellent teacher."

"I was particularly impressed with her ability to quickly become familiar with each child's individual background and special needs and adapt accordingly rather than try to force a preset curriculum."

E.L.F., MD
Englewood, NJ



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